Storify Releases Storify App For iPad

Storify has been one of the wildly popular and successful social media tools. Storify basically lets you ‘create social stories’ by picking content from a number of social media sites and then stitching it together into a story. The best thing about Storify is that it is very easy to use and you can construct stories for your paper, blog, journal or website with ease. Now a Storify app for iPad has also been launched.

The actual Storify website lets you log in by using your Twitter username and password. However, this functionality is not yet extended to the iPad app. But still, you can create your own stories and discover other stories with the help of this app. Storify lets you pick content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and then integrate all this into a story of your own which is created with the help of templates provided by Storify. You can tweak the templates and design your story the way you want it.

Moreover, you can embed a Storify story anywhere. All you have to do is paste the embed code, quite the way YouTube videos are embedded in web pages. This way, you can create a story on Storify and then port it to wherever you want to display it.

The app is absolutely free and is available for download on the iTunes Store. However, you have to be at least 17 years old to be able to download the app.

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