Unlocked Dell Streak W/ Froyo and Cherry Red Version

Dell proudly presents to the whole world that their Dell Streak are all available on their site.It appears Dell will be offering a new Cherry Red version alongside with the original Carbon Black – not to mention there’s that white Oreo.

As for its pricing, regardless of the color, any 16GB model sans the Froyo will be tagged at 299.99 USD (locked) 549.99 (unlocked) and should you decide to get an updated Froyo update upon buying, you need to shell-out 30 bucks more. For the 32GB model, it will have its usual locked price of 399.99 USD and will be available as unlocked for 648.99 USD – add 30 bucks for this one as well to taste the froyo treat!

Another new option: for an extra $99, you can have a 32GB microSD card in the New Cherry Red color or in Carbon Black.


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