U.S. Air Force Decides To Use iPads, Save $50M Over 10 Years

Over the recent years, a number of airlines have started using iPad tablets, saving them millions of dollars. Apparently, U.S. Air Force is all set to follow in those footsteps, having decided to use iPads and save a total of $50 million over the course of next ten years.

In-flight iPad

The key advantage of using an iPad in air is simply that it is able to replace a whole bulkload of manuals and papers. As a result, the fuel consumption significantly decreases and a plane is able to trim down its costs over time.

According to Major Brian Moritz, “We’re saving about 90 pounds of paper per aircraft and limiting the need for each crew member to carry a 30 to 40 pound paper pile [of flight manuals]. It adds up to quite a lot of weight in paper.”

However, that is just one part of the larger picture. The Air Force spends millions of dollars each year in actually publishing all the documents that have to be carried during flights. With iPads, there would no longer be a need to publish these documents and this, too, is a huge saving.

Moritz further reveals, “It comes out to just over $5 million a year. With fuel savings, it comes out to $5.7 million annually in pure cost. When you look at $5.7 million a year, over 10 years, that’s well over $50 million.”

The U.S. Air Force is already making use of iPads at a large scale and this new program will further expand their usage. However, any Air Force personnel that make use of iPad on a flight are required to turn off both the Wi-Fi and the cameras.

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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