Verizon Unveils New Prepaid $5 Daily Plan, Offers 300MB Of Data For Tablets

For many of us, getting an expensive monthly data plan for our tablets makes no sense. Most often, we use these slates at home or work with Wi-Fi connectivity and it is seldom that we need to use internet on them on the go. For such occasional connectivity needs, Verizon has unveiled a new prepaid $5 daily plan which offers 300 MB of data.


The new offering from the carrier is excellent in many ways. For a start, you are billed on a daily basis, so you pay up only when you actually make use of the data and need internet on the go. The 300MB bucket is valid for a single day, so it ends when the day expires or when the megabytes end, whichever happens first.

You can renew the bucket by paying up another $5, the next day or the same day, depending on your imminent needs at that moment. For instance, if you have to take your tablet out on just one day and have to do some data-heavy connectivity, you can activate the $5 bucket. Once it expires, you can activate another $5 bucket and so on.

The data plan is compatible only with tablets and connected devices such as Samsung Galaxy Camera. So you won’t be able to avail this highly affordable connectivity option on your smartphones. If you are a regularly data-heavy user on your tablet and need to have connectivity on the go, you can look into other Verizon tablet data plans such as $20 per month for 1GB of data.

Source: Verizon

Courtesy: Phonedog

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