Viewsonic 7-inch Android Tablet

TV and monitor maker ViewSonic is getting set to release a 7-inch tablet powered by Android 2.2 as early as this fall,Attack of the tablets continues. In this installment, we have news that Viewsonic has some tablet plans of their own. They are not content with LCDs. The company is preparing a 7-inch Android 2.2. Froyo tablet…..

Projectors and monitors manufacturers, Viewsonic are rumoured to be joining Windows and almost everybody else in developing an ipad rivalling tablet device. Following recent announcements by Window’s regarding the release times of the ‘masterpad’, Android are now in the picture with the 7inch tablet which is due to hit the UK in eight weeks

The rumor-mill has been churning the past few day’s about the popular monitor manufacturer Viewsonic. Viewsonic is reportedly about to announce that it’ll launch a 7 inch GSM tablet this fall, that could possibly working with a Bluetooth headset to act as a smartphone replacement.

This is ViewSonic’s second Android tablet following the VTablet 101 announced in January. What, if any, specs will be shared with the new tablet remain to be seen.

The VTablet 101 is powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 CPU along with an NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset for graphics-intensive apps. Its 8.9-inch display has a 1024×600 resolution and 3D graphics capability, and the device sports 4GB of built-in storage. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G modules are also built in.

Those considering a tablet would be wise to a wait a few months whilst we are bombarded with devices and see which do well and which don’t. Apple must have expected ‘copycat’ products but they’ve practically started a computer revolution with touchscreen tablet computers set to eradicate the notebook.


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