The X-Mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker- Sound Beyond Size

Xmi Pte Ltd bring latest evolution of its Capsule Speaker genus, the X-Mini HAPPY. The newest addition to the X-Mini series has protean capabilities and is equipped with an MP3 player and in-built SD/SDHC card slot. The X-Mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker is the first Portable Music Player (PMP) to be developed by the multi-award-winning company. You will really socked when you played this tiny thing. That’s really true, the sound beyond size. Nice out looking, small in size like a ball easy to carry and a lot more facilities. Checkout more detail bellow.

Technical Specification:

Mode of Usage:

External Source playback mode
1 Ensure the SD card is ejected from SD slot
2 Turn on the X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker with the Multi-function Jog Dial (Press down and hold for few seconds)
3 Take out the built-in audio cable from the bottom of the X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker and connect it into any multimedia device with a 3.5mm audio port
4 Hold onto the top of the speaker and twist anti-clockwise to reveal the Bass Xpansion System (BXS) resonator


This all new feature enables you to connect one X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker to another to form a self-powered, bass-enhanced portable speaker system with a virtually endless ‘‘daisy chain’’ of speakers. With this feature, you can now combine your X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker together with your friends’. You may also connect previous generations of X-minis or even earphones into the ‘‘Buddy-Jack’’ to expand on volume or multi-functionality

Sound: The X-mini Happy can play very loud any music. But don’t go with the size you must surprise when you play anything. In my small room when I play with this X-mini Happy its fells like there is a 2.1 sound system in my room. This small sound boomer sounds like there is a small Woofer inside the X-mini Happy.

Mp3: There is a built in Mp3 player inside the X-mini Happy. So while you are travelling or going outside you don’t need any extra music system for the X-mini Happy. The built in sound system can play whatever you want to listen. And can play loudly so you can enjoy or share with others.

Stylish Design And Size: Awesome design and round shape can fell you like a ball. Black in color and speaker is blue in the top. The speaker is also protected with a grail so no chance to damage. And Very small so you can grab it in your hand and hide. You can easily put it into our pocket and can go anywhere. The body made is made with a very high quality of plastic so no chance to damage by any accident.

Control System: The control system is made like one key Multi-function Jog Dial to control everything. Don’t need to find one by one key to play, push, forward, backward. One key if you push and hold the device will on or off. If push one time then play and push. Move forward for the next song and hold to raise the volume and move backward to go for the previous song and hold to low the volume. Very easy to understand by the arrows although you looking for the first time.

Use Only as Mp3 Player: There is a 3.5mm output for if you want to listen alone and don’t use the loud speaker of your X-mini Happy. You are also allowed to connect it with another speaker for any purpose. There is a mute button that help you to turn your built in speaker of and then you can listen by any headphone by connecting it with the 3.5mm output.

Charging, Data Transfer and card Reader: To make your job easy X-mini Happy has a two in one charger, data cable and 3.5mm connector. So if you are in travel no chance to leave anything. With the one cable you can charge transfer data by connecting with your PC and the 3.5mm connector to connect the X-mini Happy with another speaker. And there is a card reader point through your X-mini Happy Mp3 player play songs, you are allowed to use it as a card reader to read any other memory card. And you can also use it like a flash drive and carry your data.

1 Connect part 1 to 2 (mini-USB plug connects to X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker)
2 Connect part 3 (USB Adaptor) to a free USB port located on your computer
3 Speaker will go into External Storage mode
4 LED indicator will flash Red and Blue
5 LED will turn Purple to indicate that the speaker is fully charged
LED Indications:
Purple — Fully Charged
Red and Blue (alternate flashing) — Charging mode
Purple (flashing) — Read/Write to SD card
Red (flashing) — On MP3 playback mode, playing audio file
Red — On MP3 playback mode, paused playback
Blue (flashing) — Playing through the 3.5mm audio cable or SD card has been ejected

Use it as Speaker: The Specialty for this X-mini Happy is there is a built in 3.5mm connector to use the X-mini Happy as a speaker. If you want to play music from your mobile phone, another musical device like iPod, iPhone any thing just connect the jack with the X-mini Happy and play loudly. For that you have to make it on and push the Mp3 player. But one thing I dislike while you are charging this X-mini Happy you cannot make it play or use as speaker. It turns off when you are connect it for charging it or transfer your data.

Long Battery life and play time: The X-mini Happy has built in battery. This is so powerful that you can play this with its loud speaker for 12 hour. I have just tested I play it for about 7 hour continuously and it played as is says. I very much impressed with its battery. And the battery takes very short time to charge.

Package Contents:
The Package will contain the following
1 x X-mini™ HAPPY Capsule Speaker
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Protection Pouch
1 x microSD card
1 x Earphone

That’s all about the X-mini Happy Mp3 player with speaker. So what are you waiting for? This small one is enough to make you Happy by its size and all goodies. Try this out and share your feelings.
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