Thief Breaks $100K Apple Store Door With Rocks, Steals $64K Worth Devices

It seems, after achieving the title of the most valuable company, Apple has been the prime target of thieves. Earlier, we have seen thieves slamming a BMW car into a Apple store and looting devices and stealing of Apple iPad only from Microsoft building. This time, we have seen another one. A thief broke an Apple Store’s custom glass door with rocks and stole $64k worth Apple products.

Apple Store In Boulder, Colorado

Last Saturday morning, a thief threw three standard size rocks to an Apple store’s custom glass door located at 1755 29th Street, Boulder, Colorado, smashed the door into pieces, and simply stole about $64,000 worth of products including MacBook, iPad, and iPhone in the blink of an eye.

Police is suspecting that the thief was a male and was wearing white gloves along with a black hoodie and baseball cap. Anyone with possible information on the theft has been encouraged to inform through Crime Stoppers or contact the Boulder Police Department by calling 303-441-1974.

Personally I would say, the thief would have been more beneficent if he had stolen the $100,000 costly custom glass door instead of stealing $64, 000 worth of Apple products. At least, he could spend some days tension free, as Apple attaches tracking technology only in its iDevices, not in any doors.

Source: Apple Insider, MacNN

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