Touch Revolution Tru Multitouch Monitor

Touch Revolution rolling out Tru Multitouch capacitive screens monitor product at CES2011.They are coming with in size from 15” to 32” designed to provide the same intuitive user experience that consumers have come to expect in the latest smartphone and tablet devices.Touch Revolution’s biggest model is set for production later in the year, but its smaller siblings are available now……..

Touch Revolution announced the launch of TRu Multi-Touch Monitors, a revolutionary line of desktop and open frame projected capacitive touch screen monitors ranging in size from 15″ to 32″ designed to provide the same intuitive user experience that consumers have come to expect in the latest smartphone and tablet devices.Touch Revolution will be showing a myriad of innovative touch screen product applications with Android and Windows 7 software demonstrations running on TRu Multi-Touch Monitors in its booth (#21755 in South Hall 1) at 2011 CES in Las Vegas beginning January 6.

Touch Revolution Tru Multitouch Monitor Includes :

  • A diverse suite of applications using 21.5-inch  TRu Multi-Touch Monitors demonstrating new and innovative ways to engage with content in locations as varied as schools, museums and sports stadiums using software developed by GestureWorks.
  • A dual screen sketch book exploring novel ways to utilize multi-touch touch screens in retail kiosks in partnership with market leaders Frank Mayer and Nanonation.
  • A simple, engaging, and fun multi-touch application running on TRu Multi-Touch Monitors to manage your photos while on vacation using touch screen software developed by PicsWar.
  • The groundbreaking implementation of Android on a 21.5-inch  TRu Multi-Touch Monitor on a recumbent exercise bike with an innovative touch screen user interface powered by Touch Revolution’s NIMbleTM Embedded Touch Computer.

In addition to 15-inch, 19-inchand 21.5-inch models ready for sale now, the Touch Revolution booth will have a demonstration of a 32″ wall mounted TRu Multi-Touch Monitor with embedded gigapixel viewer which allows visitors to explore Yosemite National Park on a touch screen in ways they never could before. The 32-inch TRu Multi-Touch Monitor is planned for production later this year.The TRu Multi-Touch Monitor line complements Touch Revolution’s other projected capacitive touch screen products which will also be on display in multiple concepts at CES:

* Fusion Touch Displays – a lineup of 10″, 7″ and 4.3″ integrated projected capacitive touch screen displays for products such as entertainment systems, white goods, telecommunication devices, control systems and medical instruments.
* NIMble Embedded Touch Computers – 10″ and 7″ embedded Android touch computers combining a projected capacitive touch display with an ARM-based system running Android for OEMs who want a “drop in” touch screen solution when time-to-market is critical.

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