Viewsonic NexTV VMP75

Viewsonic is a very recognizable brand name in PC monitors, LCD TVs, and Video Projectors, but now they are entering the increasing crowded Network Media Player market with its new NexTV VMP75 Network Media Player…….

ViewSonic today announced the NexTV VMP75 a network media player with Full HD 1080p playback support. With NexTV VMP75 media player user can watch Full HD 1080p contents from external storage devices or streaming media from home networks and the Internet from Netflix, YouTube,, SHOUTcast Radio, Flickr and several others. The player supports several popular audio video and subtitles formats.

NexTV VMP75 has integrated web browser by which user can surf internet as well as it supports social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The NexTV VMP75 allows users to listen to stored music, view all digital photos and watch any home movies right on TV accessed through USB memory stick or hard drive, eSATA storage device, or over the network through Ethernet or optional wireless connection. For connectivity the NexTV VMP75 has HDMI, Composite, S/PDIF, USB and eSATA, Ethernet port and 802.11b/g/n with optional wireless adapter. NexTV also supports an external USB keyboard and mouse.

The company has announced the launch of its NexTV VMP75 network media player, which looks to bring to TVs now what Google’s TV platform promises in the future.

As well as offering full 1080p high-definition playback from external storage devices, the VMP75 can stream content video and audio content from your PC straight into your living room.

Viewsonic wasn’t being too specific with a launch date when it announced its NexTV VMP75 media streamer last month, but it looks like that little detail’s now been cleared up — the device is shipping now from both Amazon and Newegg.

Imagine the internet’s endless library of information and entertainment in the palm of your hand and displayed on your HDTV in the comfort of your living room”, said Josephine Chiu, senior product marketing manager, ViewSonic The NexTV VMP75 brings all of your favorite entertainment choices directly into the heart of your home or office with easy and convenient play back or streaming to any HDTV. We’re delighted to be opening up the possibilities of digital entertainment to enjoy or share in full HD quality.

Where the device differs from media playback boxes currently available is with its web integration: ViewSonic claims that the NexTV VMP75 gives its users full access to Netflix’s streaming content – in a similar way to the company’s recently launched Wii service – and an integral web browser that can hook up to other video streaming sites, download RSS feeds, and access social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

The official release date is July 19th, although it seems possible you could receive it before then if you’ve already pre-ordered the device or get your order in soon. As for the device itself, it’s still listed at $129.99, and will give you the usual Netflix streaming, and support for playback of content from either your home network or an attached drive.


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  1. Dave

    thats your own report. why would you stream anyway. download and play then you wont use bandwidth to watch a second time. I love the vmp75. have a 2TB drive in it with everything to watch

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