Xfinity TV for iPad

Comcast‘s Xfinity TV app has been updated from a glorified remote control to a video viewer in its own right. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows. By updating Xfinity for iPad you can get LIVE streaming of TV shows and movies right in to your iPad by the using the Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to the new video service, the Xfinity app retains some of its older features. The app lets viewers browse listings on their local cable system, and change channels on their TV via the cable box. Users can also use the app to remotely program their DVR.

Xfinity TV is free, and–video aside–compatible with devices running iOS 3.2 or later.

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  1. Bob

    This all sounds really great except the Xfinity applications seem to be a bit limited. Just as a heads up, you may also want to know about another great iPad app used for DISH Network customers. This can turn your iPad into a true TV Everywhere device. With this app you can access your satellite receiver to stream live and recorded programs to your iPad using Sling technology. As an employee of DISH I can’t begin to tell you how great it is.

  2. JoeDISH

    Well with TWC trying to get a TV Everywhere solution with Comcast they are a bit late. I work for DISH Network and you can get TV Everywhere. This is great for you to be able to take you TV with you on the road. Contact DISH for more info on the true TV Everywhere solution.

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