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Xtreamer announces the Xtreamer Prodigy, a sample based processor Strimer Realtek 1185.Prodigy HD media player bets both on style and features to stand out with a sleek aluminum shell to please the eyes and features AirPlay support, USB 3 and also a GUI that will delight fans of Flash……..

Xtreamer is set to revolutionize again the pricing of media player world with its market leading, multi award winning Xtreamer! series of Full HD Media Players and Solutions.The demand for an affordable Digital media player is already apparent as the realtek based devices market become mature.Full HD Media Player delivers the most connected media player with the fastest consumer electronics USB 3.0 connectivity coupled with HTML 5 API, Adobe Flash, Opera browser and innovative FLASH GUI.The Xtreamer Prodigy is a next generation Realtek based media streamer with USB 3.0, Card Reader, 256Mb RAM and  512 Mb NAND flash memory, HDMI, an integral IR remote control and room for internal 3.5-inch HDD. Just like 2010 models it will provide vivid and crisp playback of FULL HD multimedia files and open to you the wonderful world of Internet entertainment.

Xtreamer has successfully established a well-known leading brand of the best price-performance full HD media streamer in the industry. The Xtreamer products high recognition stems from company’s devotion to bring the most cost-performance products to users.Besides creative features and solid build, the Xtreamer Ultra engineers also pay special attention to EMI, thermal, acoustics and details to achieve a complete customer satisfaction. To succeed in this very-competitive industry, Xtreamer Prodigy aims to provide you a great product with speed-to-market, cost and service as customers.The Xtreamer Prodigy devices incorporate state-of- the-art technology, commonly used in high-end computing and consumer electronic solutions.

The highly-refined manufacturing process, timeless engineering and careful quality control have resulted again in a product that works out of the box yet embrace the highest long-term aesthetic and commercial value. Xtreamer Prodigy to be a rewarding experience and a worthy investment both as FULL HD streamer as well as a vehicle to his favorite web sites and services on TV. The xtreamer prodigy will retain compatibility to the Xtreamer Live, Xtreamer Jukebox and Xtreamer VOD projects.n multinational, cross platform global operation coordinated with its development partners the xtreamer will attempt to take advantage of the resulting opportunity by positioning itself as a valid alternative to any other multi media player in its price tag in the market.

The Xtreamer IceCube kit is comprised of an aluminum heat sink cube that was specifically designed to make your xtreamer totally silent yet cool and stylish. You can add to your Xtreamer prodigy by simply replacing the FAN located at the bottom.Wirelessly stream movies, music or photos from your computer across your home Wi-Fi network. The Xtreamer USB Antenna is a 802.11n (draft2.0 ) USB WiFi adapter that will allow you to bridge your home network to the Xtreamer utilizing the latest WiFi technology. The antenna will provide fast, secure and reliable connections that are 175% stronger than any wireless solution in the market.

Mini Rechargeable LI-ION keyboard mouse which is 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer) compatible with Windows, Mac OS or Linux system as well as iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3 and also handhelds running Symbian S60.The Xtreamer Prodigy is equipped with the next major revision of the Universal Serial Bus which delivers Higher transfer rates (up to 4.8Gbps). Increased maximum bus power and Full-duplex data transfers and support for new transfer types. Xtreamer Prodigy supports DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD multi-channel lossless audio codecs with upto 7.1 CH passthrough. The result is your media streamer will be able to play bitstream that can carry up to 14 discrete sound channels. Sample depths up to 24 bits/sample and audio sample rates up to 192 kHz are supported.

Xtreamer Prodigy come from factor with Gigabit Ethernet that allows network transfers up to 1.000 Mbps. Users will be able to stream information at high rates of speed over long distances. The Xtreamer Prodigy supports the Apple AirPlay, a new feature arriving with release of iOS 4.2, marks a huge move into a wireless future, beaming music, videos, and photos to speakers and screens all over your house. User will be able to beam media around the house wirelessly, play their music and videos on bigger and better speakers and screens around the house without plugging anything in. With Opera on your TV Everything from loading web pages to opening tabs is optimized to happen almost instantly. Use great features that make common browsing tasks faster and easier. Opera has more features built-in than any other browser.

The Xtreamer Prodigy introduces an innovative rich media experience via its Flash based graphical user interface. The combination of sound and animation on various functions of the device make the overall user experience substantially different from any other realtek based media player in the market. With Prodigy you will be able to enjoy the highest density hard drive, as they reach the 3TB mark with their newest 5th generation HDD. To go along with its massive storage capacity, the 3TB serves up a super-sized combination of reduced power consumption, lower operating temperature and a quieter working environment.The call for an integration of a search function as an integral part of the media streamer is eminent. The xtreamer prodigy introduces a media search feature that allows you to perform a search query on any indexed source of storage attached to the device with on-screen.

While most of our competitors offer a manual updating mechanism to their devices, the xtreamer prodigy allows you to enjoy an online update from the device itself. Simply browse on your TV to the settings and perform a verification to the latest builds of the FW available for direct download to your device.Give your prodigy a friendly name and access via web from anywhere yourname.myxtreamer.net. Again, this service and function is only unique to the xtreamer products and cannot be found on any other device in the market. Store your SRT files anywhere. Unlike most of our competitors, you don’t need to rename the SRT file to the same name of your movie. Place on the movie folder any subtitle file you want.The Xtreamer GUI as well as the integrated web browser introduce support for user interaction via USB mouse and keyboard.

The Xtreamer Prodigy allow the user to select from more than 32 languages built in. Full GUI and Subtitle languages is now supplemented with on multilingual screen keyboard.NFS allows a system to share directories and files with others over a network. By using NFS users and programs can access files on remote systems almost as if they were local files. This protocol is specifically recommended to those users seeking to stream from their PC high nitrate HD movies and MKV files. Xtreamer Prodigy comes from factor with another unique function that allows you to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc or CD Audio with 1 click of a button. Backing up your entire DVD collection has never been easier.Hard drive spin down every given minutes of inactivity will allow your HDD life to increase significantly while preserving power. Set your interval for HDD Standby from a various multiple choices.

The Community projects are now expected to go beyond the XML, PHP and Sqlite features. The Xtreamer prodigy open our community the power of HTML 5 coding coupled with full integration to online web repositories. Php 5.32, JSON & CURL, OpenSSL, Zlib, Sqlite, Flash and HTML.BD-ISO and DVD IFO/ISO were added to the base firmware support amongst cue and .ape files.Xtreamer Prodigy platform allow us to introduce better optimization to online streaming content due to the innovative user cache & stream buffer control. Enjoy better experience with our Xtreamer Live online streaming solution based on community continuing updates, Xtreamer VOD MegaVideo streaming, Xtreamer Music Jukebox based on Grooveshark.Premier source of personalized, on-demand channels from over 20,000 of the best web shows, podcasts, and more. Xtreamer Prodigy introduces you the ability to project images on your Tv directly from an image and video hosting solution currently available on the web.Picasa and flicker helps you organize that huge mass of photos you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to share stories about them. This service is now made for your TV. The rumored price is €119 which will have to suffice until we find something more concrete and release date should be announced at CeBIT next week.


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