AirEnergy3D: A New 3D Printed Wind Turbine That Can Fold Into Your Backpack And Charge Your Laptop

Technology is bringing the big things into small ones. Now a days, while most of the wind turbines are getting bigger, scientists at Poland-based company Omni3D, have made AirEnergy3D, a new 3D printed wind turbine that can be folded into your backpack and charge your laptop.


AirEnergy3D is a 3D printed wind turbine that can be setup on your balcony or roof. The turbine has been designed to be portable so that it can be carried around by users, or moved around a house depending on where the windiest spot is. The 3D printed wind turbine can also be taken for camping.

3D-printed Wind Turbine

The vertical-shape of the turbine is designed to capture as much energy as possible from the relatively low wind speeds that come through city roofs and backyards. The turbine is so small and durable. It’s customizable as well as very cheap compared to existing wind based solutions. What more interesting thing is this turbine can fit it in a backpack, move and assemble anywhere without using powertools!

Wind Turbine

AirEnergy3D can generate up to 300W of electrical power. Just plug directly into a laptop or phone to charge it with renewable energy, or can feed electricity back into a household power system.

The team members of Omni3D wanted to raise a fund of £19,000 by September 16, 2014 before 4:18 PM (+06:00) via Kickstarter, but as of writing, the team has already raised £20,180 from 68 backers. For every US$4,000 (£2,500) pledged, Omni3D will send one of the constructed wind turbines to off-the-grid African villages, to help generate electricity where it’s needed most. The device can also be used in natural disaster situations in regions where solar power may not be the most efficient option. Here’s a video of this 3D printed wind turbine.

On the other side, the company will make this project as open source so that others can customize the blades or continue to improve their design. However, the AirEnergy3D 3D printed wind turbine will cost around US$350. For more details, hit the links below.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks To: Fast Company

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