Green Shower: Saves Water and Generates Power

Industrial designer Rami Tareef has given a concept about a green shower that if developed, will let you save about 1100 liters of water each month and generate some renewable electricity as well. Aren’t yo feeling that it’s wired?

Green Shower
Green Shower

Anyway, it’s still a conceptual product. He just designed it hypothetically. Though who knows, it may come true one day, as fresh water in the world is reducing day by day.

The design features a built-in LCD screen that notifies the user as to the temperature of the water, which eliminates the need to turn on the shower and wait for hot water.

Green Shower

With all that water conservation efforts, the Green Shower also does well in generating some electricity with an onboard 24V DC generator that uses water flow to supposedly generate enough electricity go power the LCD screen.

System & Interface



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