Man Made Replica of Optimus Prime Built From Junk

Optimus Prime Replica

The idea of transformers by Michael Bay seems to be implemented. A Taiwanese fan built a replica of Optimus Prime, the great character of the movie & cartoon. The significant thing is that he built it solely from junk.

The Transformers movie tempted fans to create something similar from different materials to show their skills at transforming objects. We’ve seen designers try and attempt various transforming skills, but nothing like this man’s effort, who has created a 14-foot replica of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from nothing more than junk.

Optimus Prime Replica

Seriously, the dude spent $1,600 on scrap metal, built a 14-foot model of his son’s favorite mech superhero, and now has it serving as a spectacularly ornamental pivot for his washing. Classy.

This 14-foot Optimus Prime replica has a chest made from some old house windows, a back that has been fashioned from old TV roof antennas and a few gears and old tires that might be lying around in a garage. Though the Optimus Prime we see in the movie seems much smarter than this, the choice of the materials in this case can surely inspire others to think before they discard them.

The man built this replica for his son, who happens to be a fan of Optimus Prime. While the effort makes him a good father, the son could have probably been happy for a toy costing a tiny fraction of that amount, and Optimus would be happier at not being put through the humiliation. Still, kudos for the effort.


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