Solar Power: The New Designs & Innovations

Solar power is no longer just about installing photovoltaic panels on existing rooftops to convert a bit of electricity with sunlight. Nowadays, people are finding unique ways to integrate solar energy into architectural, vehicular and even fashion designs from the beginning. Moreover, some innovators have even figured out ways to make structures entirely energy-independent by combining various alternative energy sources.

When solar was first introduced it was an auxiliary power source – now we have cars, boats, planes and even entire buildings that run on solar power. From the world’s first energy-autonomous vehicle to solar balloons, arcs, lily pads and even bras here are some of the most clever contemporary solar designs. These push the existing envelope of solar technology and design ingenuity.

Here are 14 new innovations of solar poawer are given. Click below to learn more:

Power, Water and Food in the DesertPower, Water and Food in the Desert School Powering Solar Shade SystemSchool Powering Solar Shade System
Sassy Solar Powered Bra DesignSassy Solar Powered Bra Design Creative DIY Solar Cooker DesignsCreative DIY Solar Cooker Designs
Floating Solar Collecting LilypadsFloating Solar Collecting Lilypads Floating Energy Collecting Solar BalloonsFloating Energy Collecting Solar Balloons
Entirely Solar Powered Canadian CommunityEntirely Solar Powered Canadian Community Canelievered Solar Power Arc DesignCanelievered Solar Power Arc Design
Self Sufficient Autonomous Energy CarSelf Sufficient Autonomous Energy Car Tool-Powering Solar Work VehicleTool-Powering Solar Work Vehicle
Creative Solar Powered Ferry DesignCreative Solar Powered Ferry Design World's First Solar Powered Car DesginWorld's First Solar Powered Car Desgin
Solar Energy Concentrating Power StationSolar Energy Concentrating Power Station Molten Salt Solor Power StationsMolten Salt Solor Power Stations


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