Sunswift IV World’s Fastest Solar Car

Sunswift IV is known as IVy, though the pronunciation is a mystery and built by students at the University of New South Wales has broken the Guiness World Land-Speed record for a solar-powered vehicle.Sunswift IV has crushed the previous speed record with a run that topped out at 56.85 mph which set by the GM Sunraycer way back in 1987………

The solar racer Sunswift IV known as IVy as designed and built at the University of New South Wales.Powered by silicon solar cells trapping energy from the sun, the IVy broke the official Guinness World Record in a time trial today.In a race in 2009 from Darwin to Adelaide, IVy hit a top speed of 103km/h and this morning it unofficially broke the record several times in trial runs.The official speed trial took place at the HMAS Albatross naval base at Nowra on the NSW south coast with professional drivers Barton Mawer and Craig Davis at IVy’s controls.Vehicles attempting to break the speed record in the category are required to be powered only by solar cells.IVy normally uses its cells to charge a 25kg battery.At speed the car produces about 1200 watts.


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