Check If Your Wi-Fi Router Or Modem Is Hacked

Not sure if you are aware that your Wi-Fi Router Or Modem could be hacked too. I know it even sounds disturbing. Here we found a quick tips, how to check if your Router or Modem is hacked.


To test your network, visit the website below

This is a Web based tool, that quickly determines whether the DNS that you’re connected to the Internet is sniffing around for extra bits of info. It runs from any browser, no app to download, no addon to install. So, it could test not only your desktop or Laptop, it could test your mobile device too.

This Checker will basically scan and find out how your Router’s DNS serving request.

To test just press “Start Now”.

And you dont need admin password or anything to test a network, you could even test any public network, like at coffee shop or Library or anywhere, with any device you have.

Did you tested your connection with this tool? What have you find out?

M Asif Rahman

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