Different Standards Of The Cell Connection, How To Boost Them?

The GSM standard is known for all who use mobile phones. The majority of cell phone users don’t know what standard they use; the mobile phone works, they can talk, send SMS, etc, and that’s great. But the consumer demands grow; they want to have not only conversations and messages. So the necessity for new standards of communication is appeared. There are already a long time that CDMA standard (800\850 MHz) has made a competition with GSM, and now this standard becomes more popular and widespread.

All this has occurred thanking the functionality of CDMA standard, based on the transfer speed of the information flow. Now CDMA mobile operators can expand the list of their services, having added them from the mobile internet that allows users to access a global network, emailing and other facilities associated with the Internet connection. However, the CDMA standard is not same popular as GSM.

Nevertheless, what standard you choose, the cell phone can’t provide the 100 % quality of cell connection. The urban expansion, the distance between the mobile base station and buildings, green zones, thick walls and many other reasons provoke the formation of “dead zones”, where the cell signal is weak or absent. So any modern standards can’t operate there.

There are many different solutions of this problem, but the most efficient is the using of the gsm repeater. This special equipment consists of the external antenna that is mounted on the roof, wall or other same place and it is directed toward the nearest tower of your mobile provider; the internal antenna that is established inside the house or office and interacts with the user’s cell phone; the gsm booster that amplifies the mobile base station and cellular phones signals; and the cables to connect all the system of the amplification of the GSM or 3g signal.

You can also look for some other accessories for your device that allows you to provide the signal for more surface; this can be more internal antennas and splitters to distribute the amplified signal.

To select the right equipment is rather difficult as it depends on many difficult characteristics. So contact the professionals to make the right order and to install the mobile signal booster correctly. In this case you can be sure that you get a product that is suitable for you, and its subsequent use will not cause any unforeseen circumstances.

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