How To Manage Blog Via SMS has been adding a number of features for the more hardcore bloggers and the latest, SMS notifications.Now you can manage your blog via sms…..

Hosted blogging service has just added a new feature that lets users interact with their blogs via SMS text messaging.The new service  (which is currently only available to users in the U.S.) will provide users with SMS alerts for things like new users joining or leaving a blog, a change in theme and an update in privacy settings.Just you have to pay $20.

Features :

  • The ability to protect your blog with a two-step login process. You’ll get a text message on your phone when you log in to your dashboard that contains a passcode that must be entered before you gain access to your blog.
  • Text notifications when you receive a new comment, plus the ability to approve or delete comments and the ability to send in your own comment replies.
  • Get notified when a new post is published to your blog.
  • The ability to publish quick updates to your blog instantly.

If you have an iPhone (iPhone), Android (Android) or BlackBerry (BlackBerry Rocks!) device, you can probably comfortably avoid the need to spend $20 per year, since the various official WordPress (WordPress)  mobile apps offer the same features as the new text messaging options, plus the ability to post photos and videos and edit existing posts or draft new ones.


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