[Video] How To Turn A Shoe Box Into A Phone Projector

What’s the usage of shoe box? Just for keeping shoe in it? No. Now, you can turn a shoe box into a phone projector. Can’t believe? See for yourself inside.

Shoe Box Turned Into A Phone Projector

Tired of watching YouTube videos on a the tiny screen of phones? No worries. Now, you can project the videos onto the wall and hence you are able to watch YouTube videos on big screen. In order to turn a shoe box into a phone projector, you will need a shoe box, magnifying glass, a scissor/blade, black/transparent tape, thick card/clay and rubber bands. Have everything? OK. Lets start turning a shoe box into a phone projector. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Cut a hole in one end of the shoe box.

Hole On A Shoe Box

2. Now cover the hole with the magnifying glass. Use tape to ensure light will only enter the box through this lens.

Hole Covered With Magnifying Glass

3. Now calculate the perfect place for your phone to be placed in front of the magnifying glass and mark it. Make sure the phone can display the external image sharply. (hint: to find the focus, point the lens at a nearby window or light source. Move the card through the box until it displays the external image sharply)

Perfect Place For The Phone And Mark

4. Now place the phone perfectly on the clay. You can use something else instead of clay, wrap the phone with rubber bands and then tape the card upright at the focus point you just identified. Make sure, you place the phone upside down.

Phone Placed On The Clay

5. Now, adjust the box’s position until it throws a picture onto the wall.

Box's Position Adjusted To Throw Picture Onto Wall

6. You can decorate the box if you want and give an awesome look.

Decoration Of Shoe Box Converted Phone Projector

Here’s a video for you.

By turning a shoe box into a phone projector, you may not get the picture quality as like movie-theater quality. Nevertheless, it will fulfill your yearn for watching videos on big screens instead of watching on the tiny screen of your phone. How about watching this video?

Note that, if the room is very much dark and your phone has good brightness, you may get better quality of picture. And to make this special kind of projector, you have to spend only $2 (definitely the price is without the phone) and it will take only 20 minutes of your valuable time.

Thanks To: Instructables
Video Credit: PopSci (for the first video)

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