Steps To Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G iOS 4.1 With GreenpoisOn

GreenpoisOn jailbreak tool now support iPod touch 2G.In this post you can find how to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G with Greenpois0n……

GreenPois0n can now jailbreak iPod Touch 2G (MC & non-MC models) iOS 4.1. With Greenpois0n RC4, you can jailbreak iPod touch 2G iOS 4.1 in Windows and Mac OS X, Linux support will be added soon. Follow the steps below to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPod Touch 2G MC and non-MC models.

Steps to jailbreak iPod touch 2G iOS 4.1 with GreenpoisOn :

  • Download Greenpoison: Download iOS 4.1,Download Greepois0n for Windows,Download Greepois0n for Mac.
  • Connect your iPod Touch 2G to iTunes and restore iOS 4.1 firmware.
  • Now turn your iPod Touch Off.
  • Execute the downloaded Greenpois0n jailbreak.
  • Now hit the “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)” button on the Greepois0n and follow the on screen instructions to put your iPod Touch 2G into DFU mode.
  • If you find on screen instructions difficult to follow, we have an easy guide to: put iPod Touch into DFU Mode.
  • If you think your device is in DFU mode but Greenpois0n is not detecting it, hit the “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)” button again.
  • Once you’re into DFU mode, Greepois0n will tell you that your device is ready to jailbreak.
  • Hit the “Jailbreak!” button and Greenpois0n will start jailbreaking your iPod Touch 2G.
  • Once the process is successfully completed, Quit button will appear on Greenpois0n window.

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