[Tips] How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S III

Although Samsung Galaxy S III is already running pretty smoothly, there are few things you can change in your Samsung Galaxy S III which can result a faster respond of user interface on user inputs. In this tutorial, I will show you which changes you need to make in order for that to happen.

To get started follow steps below:

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy S III go to Settings menu.

Step 2: Now scroll down the options all the way down and open Developers options.

Step 3: Under the User interface section tap on Windows animation scale option.

Step 4: When pop-up window show up tap on Animation scale 0.5x.

Step 5: Again under User interface section tap on Transition animation scale option.

Step 6: From pop-up window you need to choose the Animation scale 0.5x.

From now on you should experience a noticeable difference in speed on your Samsung Galaxy S III. If you have any additional tips which you have performed on your Samsung Galaxy III phone to speed it up, leave your tips in comment section below.

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