[Tips] Effective Plugins To Stop Spam On Your WordPress Blog

A good number of blogs we read every day are based on the CMS and all face the same daily struggles: spam. One of the nicest aspects of blogging is the user participation and debate that can be generated around the different topics, but there are some users who try to take advantage of a comment system that blogs allow and insert advertisements or links that has little or nothing to do with the blog subject. However, thanks to WordPress plugin,s we can successively fight against these kind of users or spam bots and in this article, we will cover some of most effective WordPress plugins against spam.


One of most powerful and most used plugins for fighting against spam is Akismet. In newer versions of WordPress it is already installed by default and you only need to activate it from your WordPress Plugins page. However before you activate it you need to request an API Key from Akismet web site. I mainly use Akismet on my blog to block trackback comments and it’s very effective. The only problem I have with Akismet is that it sometimes flags real human comments as spam for no reason.

No SpamNX

No SpamNX plugin will protect your blog from automated spam bots by creating a form field within your comment section that’s invisible to your visitors but visible to bots only. Since the bots are automated, they fill this invisible form field and NoSpamNX blocks the comment before it even reaches your spam folder.

Language-based Comment Spam Condom

Language-based Comment Spam Condom is a very useful extension that helps us fight automatically generated spam comments that usually come in languages other than the one we use on our blog. Assuming that any comment left on a blog should be in the same language in which the post was written (or within a limited set of languages), this plugin can block/allow any kind of comment that comes within a language which we previously setup in extension control panel.


Anti-spam is another extension with CAPTCHA that will allow us to fight comment spam without disturbing our users and without us having to spend time reviewing the comments we have received to select those who are going to be removed. The plugin works autonomously, and once activated it will review comments without our intervention.

Spam Free WordPress

Spam Free WordPress plugin is interesting because among its features, it highlights its ability to block 100% of automatic spam we receive in our comments. What this plugin does is that it uses an UP address blocklist to block all comment spam that is manually submitted by real people on your blog. You can also use a blocklist to bad some readers that leave offensive comments Visitors who are added to your blocklist can still visit your web sites and read articles but they wont be able to post any comments.

User Spam Remover

User Spam Remover is an extension flexible enough to help us fight spam from its source: the user. It will automatically remove spam user registrations but also other old and never used user accounts on your blog. This plugin will also block the notification email which you (administrator) normally receive when a new user registers on your blog.

Spam Destroyer

Spam Destroyer is another alternative that will stop automated spam on your blog. The settings are very simple, easy to use and, in the case of working with a professional blog this extension can help us save costs without losing functionality. Another great feature this plugin has recently added is experimental support for bbPress, so if you are having bbPress forum installed next to your WordPress blog this plugin will help you fight on both fields.

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  1. Andy

    What about using a CAPTCHA solution that is intuitive and secure. Something like Confident Technologies’ image based CAPTCHA.

  2. Boris Zegarac

    Yes, CAPTCHA does a pretty good job, but with above suggested plugins you can increase the protection even further, because even with CAPTCHA some of the spams pass trough. The best thing would be to test those apps for some time and see the results.

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