[Tips] How To Fix A Scratched Xbox 360 Game Disc

Due to heavy using, an Xbox 360 game disc may be scratched. There are also many other reasons are available in scratching your Xbox 360 game. Though it is not constantly possible to join/fix an Xbox game CD/DVD disk once it has been broken or scratched, but there are some steps you may try before buying a new Xbox 360 game disc.

Step 1: In this first step, you need to waft on the scratched Xbox 360 game disk to eliminate excess dirt. Softly brush off the entire obstinate dirt from the CD/DVD with a dry, clean paintbrush.

Step 2: Secondly, use a fresh eyeglass-cleaning cloth in order to clean the CD/DVD disk in a perpendicular motion. Wash both inside and outside of the disc and do not clean the CD/DVD disk in a round motion.

Step 3: Thirdly, you can apply a little amount of eyeglass cleaner (liquid) to the cleaning cloth. Then again, clean in a perpendicular motion, touching from the outside to the inside of the CD/DVD disk. Make the disk slightly dried.

Step 4: In this step, you need to place a small quantity of carnauba vehicle polish on the cleaning cloth. Clean the CD/DVD disk in the similar vertical and outward motion. Then the carnauba vehicle polish will fill up all little scratches. Before using carnauba vehicle polish, you should be clear the moisture very well. You should use this carnauba vehicle polish very carefully, amount must be appropriate, no excess and no shortage.

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