[Tips] Make Your Android Smartphone Look Like an iPhone 5

Making Android phone interface look like Apple’s iPhone is nothing new. Recently we had a chance to meet with a project called Espier Launcher which did a pretty good conversion but it was still missing something to make us feel like we are using a real iOS on our Android smartphone. This is probably the reason why one user from XDA-Developers decided to make its own version and today we are presenting you app called Fake iPhone 5.

Fake iPhone 5 is a completely free and it can be downloaded from Google Play. When you install Fake iPhone 5 you will notice that main home screen icons on your Android looks like duplicated from iOS 6. The launcher will start with 4 rows and 5 columns icons but you can increase that number inside app settings.

Unfortunately this launcher have some limitations which may force you to not use it all the time. One of biggest limitations is that you are not able to rearrange your home screen icons and you also lose support for widgets.

If you decide to switch back to your previous launcher, tap on Menu, then choose Advanced -> Switch Launcher -> and choose your previous launcher.

Let us know in comment section below about your first impressions about this launcher and will you replace your primary one with Fake iPhone 5.

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