[Tutorial] How to Delete Or Move Apps In iPhone 6S With 3D Touch

Have you recently got your 3D Touch iPhone 6S and struggling to delete unwanted apps? Go through this tutorial to learn how easily you can delete or move the apps from your brand new iPhone or iPad.

[Tutorial] How to Delete Or Move Apps In 3D Touch iPhone 6s

Apple has released 3D touch iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus months back which has changed so many things. With 3D Touch and 4K video quality, these two smartphone has got some internal makeover. For that reason, you might find it hard to do simple stuff like deleting or moving apps on iPhone. Check out the steps described below to know how to delete the unwanted apps or move it to your desired place.

Steps To Delete Or Move Apps from 3D Touch iPhone 6s

Step 1: You have to go to your iPhone home screen

Step 2: Now touch your finger lightly on an app icon that you want to delete or move to another place

Step 3: You have to wait a few seconds

[Tutorial] How to Delete Or Move Apps In 3D Touch iPhone 6s

Step 4: You will see cross (X) sign that has appeared up on the left side of every app. If you want to delete then tap on the cross sign and a pop-up warning sign will come out. Select Delete to remove the app.

In order to move the apps, when the cross sign (X) appeared left upper part on the apps, then just tap, hold and move your find to place the app in a different location.

If your screen gets blur or you see the quick actions popped up then you are tapping too hard probably. You have to lighten up your finger and tap very lightly.


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