[Tutorial] How To Add RAM To Your Laptop

As I already have mentioned in one of my previous TheTechJournal tutorial, adding a new RAM is easiest and quickest way to improve your computer performance. No matter if it’s a desktop or laptop RAM memory plays a crucial role in computer performance. Adding a new RAM to your laptop is nothing more complicated then adding it in your desktop computer. It only require from you to have appropriate RAM memory which is supported by your motherboard and screwdriver to open plastic cover.

To get started make sure you have removed electrical static charge from your body by touching grounded metal object like water tap or unpainted metal surface like your door knob. Then you can continue to follow steps below.

Step 1: Turn your laptop over on a side and unplug the power supply.

Step 2: It’s also very important to remove the battery

Step 3: Take your screwdriver and remove the plastic cover where you RAM memory is located. You may several different panels at the back of your laptop to make sure you know beneath which one is located RAM. If you are not sure which one is it simply one by one panel once you locate it.

Step 4: If there is another memory already inside your memory slot and you want to take it out there will be two metal clips on each side of memory. What you will do is very carefully pull clips apart and the memory will popup. Then pull your RAM memory out gently.

Step 5: Now take the memory you want to add and pay attention on notches on RAM memory which needs to correspond to those on motherboard. So place your RAM in right position and under 45 degree angle insert your RAM into motherboard

Step 6: Make sure its firmly seeded and you should see that those clips will snap back into the place keeping your RAM into right place.

Step 7: Put your plastic cover back again, screw on and return your battery.

That’s it! You have successfully added new RAM memory on your laptop.

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