[Tutorial] How To Force Windows 7 To Use All Available RAM

Few weeks ago I bought a new 2GB DDR3 RAM memory to speed up my computer when I play video games. Once I installed a RAM memory and started playing a game I didn’t notice any differences in game speed and I notice game is freezing in some areas like before. I checked to see was my RAM properly installed, and it was. Once I went to System Statistics I notice that Windows is still showing I only have 2GB instead of 4GB. So I did one small change inside Windows 7 and my computer was showing and using all available RAM. If you have same problems as I did this tutorial will show you what to do.

If you want to force Windows 7 to use all available RAM follow steps below:

Step 1: Click Start menu, inside search field type msconfig and press Enter

Step 2: Choose Boot tab

Step 3: Click on the Advanced Options button

Step 4: Once new window open check the field Maximum memory

Step 5: To save your changes click OK and restart your computer

Next time when you run your computer, from your desktop Right mouse click on My Computer and choose Properties. From here you can see whether your Windows 7 now uses maximum available RAM.

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