[Tutorial] How To Launch Multiple Applications From A Single Icon – Windows 7

If you are using several applications for your every day work wouldn’t be handy if you can start all those applications at once without double clicking each of them one by one? If so this tutorial will show you how to do that, and I will show you most basic way avoiding those third party tools that many other website suggesting for these kinds of tricks.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Go to your desktop and right click on empty space

Step 2: From context menu choose New -> Text Document

Step 3: Now use following template for each program or file you want to run from your icon

@echo off

start “name1” “C:\Windows\notepad.exe”
start “name1” “C:\Users\borisz\Desktop\textfile.txt”

Step 4: Now save this file on your desktop and name it to whatever you want

Step 5: Now change file extension from .txt to .bat

It’s done. Now simply run that icon and all your programs will start in same time.

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