[Tutorial] How To Limit Live App Tile Updates Data Usage – Windows 8

In the new version of Windows, Microsoft have incorporated a new interface called Metro which shows a touch friendly home screen which shows rows with tiles. Many of those tiles are interactive and shows images or app logos and they are constantly updated in order to display latest information’s and images. Although they look nice they are constantly updated over internet and if you are using mobile broadband data network you most likely using monthly data limitation. As you can imagine these tiles can drain all your monthly limitations, so it is recommended to limit the amount of data that Windows 8 uses to update live app tiles and in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.

Step 1: To get started open the Windows 8 Start Screen by pressing Win button on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now bring up the Charm Bar by pressing Win+C on your keyboard and from Charm Bar select Settings.

Step 3: Under the Settings options click on Tiles.

Step 4: Now under Data Used for Tile Updates select how much data usage limit you want per month (e.g. 100MB).

Step 5: You are done! You can now close the start settings bar and from now on when your data usage limit has been reached you will be informed that the new update is available, but tiles will not update automatically.

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