[Tutorial] How To Map Network Drive In Windows 8

Thanks to Homegroup feature which is available in Windows we can share and access our files in network much easier. But sometimes we need to map a network drive so we can directly access into a certain folder and its contents. This process is so simplified since Windows 7 that it only requires few mouse clicks in order o set it up, and in this tutorial I will show you how to map network drive in Windows 8.

To get started follow steps below:

Step 1: Open up Computer icon from your desktop.

Step 2: From Computer window click on Map network drive.

Step 3: From window that opens up select a drive letter.

Step 4: Click Browse button and locate your external drive.

Step 5: Once you find it click OK.

Step 6: Make sure that checkbox in front of Reconnect at sign-in.

Step 7: Click Finish to map your network drive.

Step 8: Next time when you open Computer you will see your network drive with the letter you choose in Step 3.

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