[Tutorial] How To Move Your Mozilla Firefox Cache Memory

In one of my previous articles I have showed you how to change the location of your Google Chrome cache, today I will show you how to do the same thing inside Mozilla Firefox. Used for each page load, the cache of your web browser is by default located on your primary hard drive or SSD which is logical because of the large number of reads/writes. However if you have more than 2GB of memory, you can place the Firefox cache in the RAM memory of your PC. Items loading from the cache will be accelerated and you lower the usage of your SSD or hard drive.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: In Firefox address bar type the about:config and confirm by pressing Enter on your keyboard

Step 2: Click I’ll be careful, I promise!

Step 3: In the Filter field, enter browser.cache

Step 4: Double click the option browser.cache.disk.enable

Step 5: Change it’s value to false

Step 6: Then check the option browser.cache.memory.enable is true. If this is not the case, double click it to change it

Step 7: Then click right mouse click in an empty space in the window and choose New -> Integer.

Step 8: Name the option browser.cache.memory.capacity. Click OK.

Step 9: Then enter 75000 (which is 75 MB) of memory assigned to the cache. Confirm with OK and restart Firefox to apply the change.

Step 10: Note that the cache is now stored in memory, it will be erased each time you restart your computer.

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