[Tutorial] How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Laptop Or Desktop Computer

Xbox 360 is a gaming console and it is invented by Microsoft. For this reason, most of the peoples think that, in Microsoft’s operating systems can easily play these Xbox 360 games but it is not true. In order to play this console Xbox 360 game, you need to install one console game running software known as emulator. The Xbox 360 game emulation scene pretty young, just about 5 years old. In this tutorial I will show you which emulators you can use and how to run your favorite Xbox game on your computer.

Step 1: You need to download an Xbox 360 game emulator. Only two Xbox 360 game emulators are accessible now: Cxbx and Xeon. Both of these emulators are widely available online.

Step 2: Launch the downloaded emulator file. It is downloaded as a .zip file format and can open instantly depending on the laptop or computers preferences.

Step 3: Launch the emulator.

Step 4: In this step, put the Xbox 360 game CD/DVD disk into the DVD reader, “Turok Evolution”, or “Halo” depending on the installed emulator.

Step 5: Now load the Xbox 360 game folder on the emulator software. Go to folder and scroll downward to “Load.”

Step 6: Finally, play the Xbox 360 game. If emulators are not perfect then you may find some glitches. In order to get best result you must need to provide actual or perfect Xbox 360 game disc.

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  1. godzio

    you should probably leave out the many instances of “360” in this article, the emulators are for the first xbox not the 360

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