[Tutorial] How To Restore Kindle Fire to Factory Settings

Restoring your Kindle Fire password can be convenient for many reasons. For example if you lost or can’t remember the password, something went wrong while you were trying to root your device or you even planning to sell it. By restoring your Kindle Fire to Factory Settings you will delete everything from the device, you will need to register device all over again and re-download your personal content that was on device before restore process.

Restoring your Kindle Fire to factory default settings is not a complicated process, simply follow steps below

Step 1: From top of your home screen tap Settings icon and then More

Step 2: From here go to Device and scroll down on next screen where you will need to tap on Reset to Factory Defaults

Step 3: You will get a warning window which will ask you do you wish to continue with reset. Tap Erase everything which will erase all your account settings and content which you have downloaded

Step 4: You Kindle will start the resetting process, then it will restart and entire process will probably take around 6-7 minutes.

Step 5: Once it’s done you will need to reconnect your Wi-Fi network and login into your Amazon account

Step 6: Choose your Time zone, navigate through tutorial and download all previous content you had on your device.

After this your Kindle Fire will be same as before.

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