[Tutorial] How To Restore Lost Tile From Windows 8 Start Screen

Luckily tiles in Windows 8 Start screen doesn’t remove itself, but you can easily accidentally remove them by yourself and if this happened to you there is no need to worry, because in this tutorial I will show you how to restore your lost tile since its not completely lost from your Windows.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Bring up the Metro Start screen by pressing Win button on your keyboard

Step 2: Right mouse click anywhere inside Start screen

Step 3: A menu at the bottom of your screen will appear where you need to click on option All apps

Step 4: Now inside the All apps menu locate the tile which you have lost from Start screen, right mouse click on it and then chose Pin to Start button located at the bottom left

Step 5: Your previously lost tile is again back to your Start screen.

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