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[Tutorial] How To Safely Clean Your iPhone

Keeping an iDevice clean is one of the most important details for most Apple users. Cleaning an iPhone is by no means a complicated procedure, but it is important to do it slowly and with right tools. In this tutorial I will show you how you should be clean your iPhone and which materials/tools you should be using because you don’t want to make your iPhone useless only because you used some liquids that ruined your phone.

Step 1: Before you proceed to actual cleaning, make sure that all USB cables from your iPhone are disconnected. You should never be cleaning your iPhone while it’s attached to your computer or any other device

Step 2: Now turn off you iPhone by pressing Sleep/Wake button located at the top of your phone.

Step 3: Now take a soft cloth and dampen (not soak) the corner of that cloth with a trickle of water. Never apply water directly to your iPhone.

Step 4: With the damp corner now gently wipe your iPhone making sure you do not touching the ports. If you screen is very dirty try to remove the dirt with a soft brush or compressed air because you may drag the dirt across your screen which can cause scratching.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with cleaning results use a dry portion of the same cloth and remove any moisture that remains on your phone

Step 6: Once your phone has completed dried turn it back on by pressing Sleep/Wake button again.

Although above steps look pretty simple, there are some important things you should pay attention on when cleaning practically any phone:

  • Always use soft cloth
  • Never use chemical cleaners or soap, use only plain water.
  • Never clean your screen with any kind of aerosol cleaners, or liquids that contain alcohol or other abrasive ingredients
  • Buy an iPhone case which will help you to keep your phone clean much longer which will minimize the frequency of regular cleaning

I hope above tips will help you keep your phone in good shape. If you would like to share with us any other kind of cleaning tips you perform on your phone we would love to hear them in below comment box.

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