[Tutorial] How To Show Extensions For Known File Types In Windows 8

As much as I can remember in almost every version of Windows (correct me if I’m wrong) Microsoft is hiding files extensions in order to protect them from average user who may accidentally rename them to unknown file type. When it comes to Windows 8, Microsoft didn’t make any exceptions and you are still not able to see those extensions but with few modifications you can easily make them visible and in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Press Win + W on your keyboard to bring Charm menu and choose App from right pane

Step 2: Inside search box type explorer and from left pane results choose Windows Explorer

Step 3: When Windows Explorer opens, from ribbon navigation select View tab

Step 4: Now choose Options and from drop down menu select Change folder and search options

Step 5: When new window opens select View tab and then make sure that you uncheck the box in front of Hide extensions for known file types.

Step 6: Click OK two times to save your changes.

From now on all your files will have visible extensions next to their names.

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