[Tutorial] How To Speed Up Loading Of Microsoft Word, Excel And PowerPoint

Whenever you lunch any Microsoft Office application, whether it’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc… a welcome screen is displayed during a certain period longer or shorter depending on the speed of your computer. In this tutorial we will show you how to not show this welcome screen, and save a few seconds when loading the program.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Before you open any Microsoft Office application right click on e.g. MS Excel icon on your desktop and choose Properties

Step 2: Then go to the tab “Shortcut“, add “-q” at the end of the path specified in the “Target” and confirm with OK.

Step 3: Next time when you run Microsoft Excel you won’t see welcome screen

Step 4: Remember that you need to repeat this same change to any other Office icon such as Word, PowerPoint, etc…

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Boris Zegarac is Staff Writer at TheTechJournal. He is our Tutorial Expert. He is a web developer and web designer who is also interested in Computers and Smartphones. You can follow him at his Google + profile page

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