[Tutorial] How To Turn Off Facebook Groups Email Notifications

If you regularly use Facebook, it is possible that you are notified of any activity around your account. By default, Facebook sends you an email of each new comment, new message, new friend request or groups activity. However, you can limit these notifications by mail in the web interface or turn them off completely. In today’s tutorial we will show you to shut off Facebook groups email notifications completely because those are the ones that irritate people the most.

To get started follow steps below

Step 1: Login into your Facebook account, click a small dropdown arrow located in top right corner of Facebook page

Step 2: From dropdown menu choose Account Settings

Step 3: When Account Settings page opens, from left navigation choose Notifications

Step 4: Make sure you uncheck filed Email Frequency

Step 5: Then Under All Notifications locate Groups section and click on it to expend its options

Step 6: Now uncheck all the fields inside Groups section and click Save Changes button.

From now on you won’t be getting any Email Notifications from any group.


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