[Tips] How To Prevent/Avoid Computer Or Laptop Radiation

If you spend a lot of time in front of computer, because you are working or playing video games you should know that desktop or laptop computer emits a harmful radiation which is harmful for your health. In this tutorial I will give you some tips which you can perform and lower at in some cases eliminate this radiation completely.

To get started follow steps below

Tip 1: Firstly, in order to prevent and reduce computer or laptop radiation, you should take high Vitamin C and A containing foods. Apples, carrots, cherries and tomatoes are some of the example of the high vitamin C and A containing foods. This vitamin A and C can help you in reducing the injurious effects of laptop or computer radiation.

Tip 2: It is very well-known that laptop and computer monitors produce certain kinds of carcinogenic stuffs that is very harmful and injurious for the health. A most excellent method to diminish these is through putting your laptop and computer close to an aerated cooler.

Tip 3: In this step, you should be very careful about one point. Since laptop or computer producing radiation from all sides, computer/laptop positioning is extremely important in reducing radiation. Ensure that the backside of your laptop or computer monitor is neglecting a spot where people overlook.

Tip 4: Backside of the computer monitor is the strongest radiation emitting part. You must have a perfect eye space (about 80cm) away from the monitor in order to decrease computer or laptop radiation.

Tip 5: In this step, you should remember one most important thing in order to reduce computer or laptop radiation. If you have sufficient amount of money then buy a latest models computer or laptop. Older modeled laptops and computers generally release high amount of radiation in comparison to the latest and updated ones. Older version computers and laptops can emit equal to double quantity of harmful radiation contrasted to that of a latest modeled and updated computer.

Tip 6: One simple method to decrease and avoid injurious computer or laptop radiation is through joining a radiation filter cover at the front of your laptop or computers monitor.

Tip 7: Ensure that, there is no any metal stuffs are present close to your computer or laptop because these substances can emit huge amount of electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic radiation is very harmful for health.

Tip 8: Generally computer and laptop radiation harm and affect human skin. In order to avoid these skin harmful rays, you can use facial mask. When you have finished computer using then you should clean and wash your hands very carefully in order to brush off all electromagnetic particles because this electromagnetic particles can attach with your face and skin.

Tip 9: Finally, you can set several radiation fascinating plants close to your laptop and computer in order to prevent computer or laptop radiation. For instance, placing some potted cactus may help to absorb harmful computer and laptop radiation.

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