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[Tutorial] How To Set Password For iPhone Notes App

Apple has added some new features along with the releasing of iOS 9.3 on last month. Now you can secure your iPhone Notes app with password protection.

[Tutorial] How To Set Password For iPhone Notes App

Many Apple users use Notes app to save personal information which can be very sensitive and can not be shared with anyone else. But when someone take your phone for watching photos or something else, they can easily go to the Notes app and check your personal information that you have kept. Since Apple didn’t let you secure the Notes app before, so there was no way to protect your privacy. With the iOS 9.3 update, the company has added this new features. We will show you how to set the password for Notes in this tutorial.

Set the Password for Notes App

Step 1: Go to Settings from your iPhone/iPad Home Screen
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on ‘Notes’
Step 3: To set a new password, tap on ‘Password’
Step 4: Input a password of your choice
Step 5: Now You can add a password hint for yourself
Step 6: Tap Done

[Tutorial] How To Set Password For iPhone Notes App

You have successfully added a password for your Notes app. Now go to the app and open the specific note that you want to protect with the password. Tap on the ‘Share’ menu and select ‘Lock Note’. After that, you will see an open Lock symbol. Tap on that symbol to hide that specific notes.

Now every time you will try to open a secured note, you have to input the password. If you want to remove the lock, you can also do that from share menu.

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