[Tutorial] How to Use Siri With Typing Instead Of Voice On iPhone

Sometimes Siri might not understand the question you asked or perhaps it can get the question wrong. Fortunately, you can use Siri by editing the text that you have asked, and Siri will give you an updated answer.

use siri

You might have faced the situation that you have asked something to Siri using your iPhone or iPad but Siri can not get it correctly. Because of the accent from different countries, it happens so frequently that Siri is not understanding your questions and giving you the wrong answer. To solve this problem, you can just edit the text that Siri has got from your pronunciation and in return, it will update the response. Once you have edited the questions, Siri is more likely to give you the correct answer. Follow the steps given below to know how to edit the text and command by typing:

Guide to Use Siri With Typing

Step 1: Activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button from your iPhone or iPad
Step 2: You need to ask any question that you want to
Step 3: You have to Scroll up now in order to view the text which you have asked if it is not on the screen already

use siri

Step 4: You will see ‘Tap to edit’ option below the text. Just tap gently on the text to edit it
Step 5: Type anything that you would like to change and then tap Done from the bottom right corner of the keyboard

Siri will update your request and give you the new response or answers. You just have to edit the text what Siri does not understand from your pronunciation. It’s pretty easy, right? You can try it out and let us know if it is helping you.


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