[Tutorial] How to Prevent Kindle Fire From Automatically Changing Backgrounds

You probably noticed that each time you wake your Kindle Fire from sleep mode or you turn it on, it automatically change its background. If you did installed a third party launcher and you would like to keep your favorite wallpaper always displayed and not replaced with default Amazon wallpapers this tutorial will show you which steps you need to perform inside your Kindle Fire.

Before you get started make sure you Kindle Fire is rooted and that you have Root Explorer app installed. Once you pass both requirements then you can continue with below steps

Step 1: Inside your Kindle Fire open Root Explorer

Step 2: Now within Root Explorer folder go to following folder /data/data/com.android.settings/files

Step 3: Inside this folder you will see a file with name wallpaper. Tap and hold you finger down on the file wallpaper

Step 4: A new Options menu will appear inside which you need to tap on Permissions

Step 5: Now simply uncheck boxes in Write column and do not make any other changes. Tap OK to save changes.

Step 6: Turn off and then turn on your Kindle Fire again and you should see that your wallpaper didn’t change.

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