[Infographic] 50% Parents Use Facebook To Spy On Kids

Around two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, said at a public forum that he believed that children under 13 should be allowed to use Facebook. To make that possible, Facebook was developing a technology that would allow under-13 children to use the social-networking site legally under parental supervision. It seems, teenagers aren’t out of their parents’ supervision either. A new study by Education Database Online has found that nearly half of all parents using Facebook have joined to spy on their kids!

Parents Using Facebook Spying On Kids

The Education Database Online, which examines educational programs in the United States, has found and revealed some interesting information through an infographic.

  • 43% of parents check their child’s Facebook profile daily.
  • 41% of parents are most interested in status updates.
  • 39% of parents care about what other people post on their kids wall.
  • 31% of parents check their kids account four to five times per week.
  • 29% of Facebook spying parents are most interested in the photos their kids are tagged in.
  • 14% of Facebook using parents have reported they only “sporadically” check out their kids pages.
  • 11% of parents check their kids out on Facebook once a month.
  • 1% of parents using Facebook never check out their child’s Facebook profile.

Here is the full Education Database Online study infographic.

50 Percent of Parents Spy on Facebook

Source: Mashable

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