[Infographics] Impatient Americans – Why Website Needs To Be Fast

People dont wait for a thing! Its so true for Internet. Here we have a Infographic by OnlineGraduatePrograms.com which represent some data that elaborate the truth that website needs to load fast otherwise people will leave even before loading the site completely.

Instant America

The Infographic shows the data that more than 3 billion Google searches are performed everyday, but slowing the response time for results by even four-tenths of a second reduces that number by 8 million. When you calculate those lost users among big websites like Google, eBay and Amazon, you’re talking about serious amounts of missing revenue. It also reveals interesting insides like about 25% US user use only Mobile device to browse internet. And Amazon.com makes $67 millions in sales each day.

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Infographic Created by: Online Graduate Programs

M Asif Rahman

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