20% Users Unable To Access Apple iTunes Store Due To Outage

Apple’s iTunes Store recently suffered from a rather widespread outage. According to different reports, nearly 20% users of the online store were unable to make purchases. Thankfully, Apple was quick to resolve the issue.

Apple iTunes

In the recent past, similar iTunes Store outage has affected the accessibility of users in U.S., U.K. and Germany. The last outage resulted in incomplete iTunes pages being displayed to the users. Many users reported that the images and page elements weren’t being properly rendered.

However, this fresh outage was far more critical because it effectively barred the users from making any purchases on Apple’s music pages. The company itself has admitted that the outage affected some 20% of iTunes Store users, a figure that numbers into millions.

It is unclear as to what exactly caused this outage. Apple is yet to divulge the details of the issue. However, what is known for sure that is that normal access of the store has resumed for all users and the problem has been resolved.

Source: Apple

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