37% PC Users Shift Activities Such As Internet Usage To Mobile Devices

Over the last few years, the use of mobile devices has exploded, taking its toll on the PC arena. Users are increasingly migrating from PCs to tablets and smartphones for most of their computing tasks. According to NPD, nearly 37% of PC users who used PC as their primary source to access content have now switched to mobile devices.

PC vs mobile

PC still has its relevance, that can’t be doubted. There still are a whole host of computing tasks that can’t be accomplished on a tablet or a smartphone. However, the activities that users seem comfortable shifting to their mobile devices include web browsing and using Facebook.

With a whole plethora of apps by Facebook which cater to nearly all mobile platforms, it is no surprise that users are increasingly comfortable in accessing the social network from their slates and handsets. Moreover, most recent mobile devices come equipped with fairly fast and efficient web browsers which provide good web browsing experiences.

The research by NPD shows that nearly 27% of the tablet owners are accessing internet on their tablets far more frequently than they do so on their PCs. Another 20% say the same about using Facebook on their slates, compared to using it on PCs.

Of the smartphone populace, 27% have given up PCs in favor of their handsets when it comes to accessing Facebook or browsing the web. Although most of the internet browsing is still done through the PCs (75%), 61% smartphone users actively browse the web. Facebook interaction by smartphone users stands at 55%.

While PCs still take the overall lead when it comes to the number of users browsing the web or accessing Facebook, the tide seems to be shifting. And before soon, we may see that more users do these activities through mobile devices rather than on their computers.

Source: NPD

Courtesy: Into Mobile

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