Are You Ready To ‘Discover’ Content With Trapit?

Trapit unveils the notion of ‘discover’ in it’s latest move. Being a content-personalizing project that uses the same Siri technology as Apple, Trapit now  seems to be entering the world of search engines. However, Trapit co-founder says that there’s a huge difference between searching and discovering.

Trapit is still a relatively new venture that was launched back in June. However, it has been working hard on entering the domain of online searching. Some analysts state that this may put Trapit against Google and other search-engines. But Trapit’s co-founder has a different opinion, “We don’t think of ourselves as a search engine. We do think that the web is shifting from web to discovery.”

Discovering’ content online:
So what is this ‘discovery’ that Trapit is talking about? The fact is that when you look up content online through Trapit, Trapit records your trends and your interests depending upon the rating you give to a content. If it’s a good rating, this means that you like the content and would most probably prefer other similar content. If you give it a bad rating, this means you won’t like to view such content. Through this mechanism, eventually Trapit is able to provide you content that meets your interests and needs. It is different from a search in that rather than giving you just the exact content that you are looking for, it also provides you other similar content which may be of use to you. This is summed in Trapit’s co-founder Gray Griffiths’ words, “You need technology to discover for you……a way to find content you may not  have even known you wanted.”

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