AT&T Announced Gigabit Fiber Internet For Austin, Texas After Google

After weeks of speculations, Google formally announced that the company will deploy its Gigabit fiber internet in Austin, Texas. On the very day, AT&T has announced that it will build a 1Gbps Fiber Internet network in the city too.

optical fiber

AT&T mentioned that it will build the 1Gbps Fiber Internet network in Austin, Texas alongside Google. AT&T strongly suggested that the carrier will get the same terms and conditions granted to Google by the government. AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said, “Most encouraging is the recognition by government officials that policies which eliminate unnecessary regulation, lower costs and speed infrastructure deployment, can be a meaningful catalyst to additional investment in advanced networks which drives employment and economic growth.”

The pricing of the packages to be offered by AT&T will match those of Google. Interestingly, Google hasn’t revealed any pricing details of its offers in Austin, Texas, except saying that the pricing will be close to those being offered in Kansas.

But, we’ll have to wait a bit before these things materialize. Google Fiber is expected to start roll out in Austin by mid-2014, and AT&T’s schedule is yet to come out.

Thanks to: Slashgear

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