Aviary Release HTML5 Photo Editor

Aviary lunched a super-simple and embeddable HTML5 photo editor which will allow users of third party websites to directly fix and retouch their photos without ever leaving those websites.Aviary’s HTML5 photo editor’s code name is Feather and HTML5 photo editor is free to use and free to implement on your site…..

Creative web app powerhouse Aviary has just announced its latest product, an HTML5-powered photo editor.Like Aviary’s other apps, the HTML5 photo editor code named Feather is easy to use and surprisingly powerful. Beyond its use of HTML5 (as opposed to Flash, Silverlight or other RIA frameworks), what sets this app apart is that it’s designed to be portable and embeddable.Aviary already has a very solid Flash-based image editor Phoenix. It’s been around for more than two years and has a wealth of features.

On its blog, Aviary discusses the the rationale for building Feather. First, Aviary says that it knew it wanted to be able to reach out to the world of creativity happening outside of Aviary.com. Because Feather is portable and embeddable, developers can directly integrate it into their sites and apps. That means that users don’t have to leave one page or experience in order to complete a task and then shift back.Furthermore, as powerful as Phoenix and some of Aviary’s other image tools are, many third parties who use Aviary’s products were requesting a simpler tool. You don’t always need to have a full-fledged photo suite. If a website just wants to make it easy for users to upload a product photo and maybe add a caption, they probably don’t need the ability to create multiple layers, make magic wand selections and add different type of brush effects.

Features :

  • Custom skins and themes (apply your own CSS design to Feather)
  • Additional editing tools
  • Open source code (host our editor on your own server and develop, edit, modify, and extend the functionality)
  • Statistics based on aggregate customer usage

For Aviary’s HTML5 Photo Editor Embed Code on your site please Visit :Here


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